How I Work for You

What I do, for all my clients is try to help you determine the best value on your new mortgage. Seems easy enough right? However, if you have spent more than a few minutes shopping for a mortgage, you know that not true. In fact, often seems like my competition makes it more complicated, difficult and confusing than it should be. Let me share a secret with you, they do that on purpose.

I work a little differently. Regardless of whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your house for the fifth time. I simplify the numbers and help you choose your next mortgage based on available options that would be suitable to your financial situation.

To do this, I follow four basic steps:

  • Initial phone call. Where we gather some basics about your objectives.
  • Data Gathering. I’ll ask you to enter some information about yourself on my website online securely here.
  • Research. I’ll do three things free for you to get your options together.
    1. Check several independent sources I have available about your homes value.
    2. Find at least two workable mortgage options from our portfolio.
    3. Review your credit profile and other mortgage critical guidelines.
  • Present Options. I’ll prepare a graphically enhanced chart showing at least two loans, you will see the comparison of their payments monthly and the difference in where you will be 5 years down the road for each.

This is the way mortgage lending should be done. So pick up the phone and call me directly at 630-343-9526 or get a no-obligation rate quote right now by clicking here.