Hire A Professional!

Dylan Kramer —  January 11, 2016

A couple of times last week I had discussions with clients of mine that reminded me to remind you that you have to hire a professional to get things done for you.

The best example was a client that had been in their home for a few years and in 2016 is moving to a new home. They phoned me a while back to do their mortgage preapproval. As part of this we of course got into a discussion of the equity in the current home. Their realtor, who will remain nameless, did not do a fantastic job of staying in touch with them. So I worked hard to reconnect them. She did a great job though, it took about ten days to get the home listed and in the system and about a day and a half to get under contract. When that was done, the client informed me that he was a little angry because he was “giving” $25K away to the agent who did not really earn it. A bit more conversation and he threw out the idea that he could have sold it by owner and saved the money.

Now this guy travels for work in a high stress position and industry. He is a professional at what he does, but that combined with a FSBO kit or a few HGTV episodes does not make selling a house easy. He had no chance of doing what this agent did which included but was not limited to getting NINE showings of the property on the first day. I am sure that many came from her professional network, built over time and the Multiple Listing Service, which my agent friend pays to participate in. So those efforts and investments are not seen by my seller, they get paid for by a piece of the commission earned one day after taking his listing.

As the cliches goes: If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, try hiring an novice!

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Dylan Kramer

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